affiliate-commissionRefer Host Geek to others and earn money! Host Geek’s Web Hosting Affiliate Programme is a simple way for individuals and organisations to earn cash, just for referring our services.

Join our fantastic affiliate programme with recurring, competitive commissions!

Ways to record your referrals:

  1. Host Geek will provide you with an Affiliate ID Code which you can use at the time of placing a sales order
  2. Host Geek uses a 90-day affiliate cookie to track visitors you send to us. This means once you send us a visitor, any purchase they make within 90 days will be credited to you.
  3. Contact us Host Geek with your Affiliate ID and details of your referral.

Some of the benefits of joining our affiliate programme include:

  • Unlimited earning potential.
  • Free and easy affiliate membership.
  • Competitive commissions paid within 30 days*.
  • Host Geek banners to add to your website.
  • Geeks to assist you get started.

Recurring Commissions


*View our terms for further details and eligibility requirements.


How to get started

1. Sign Up

Create an affiliate account by clicking here. It only takes a few minutes to get set up.

2. Receive your Affiliate ID Code
and/or create your referral link

Use your Affiliate ID Code when placing orders, and/or add a link to your website using the code we provide. You can link to us with text or a banner (contact us if you require one of our pre-designed banners).

3. Start earning

The more visitors you send, the higher potential you have for making money. Good luck!

Visit our affiliate sign up page or call +65 3158 7433 for assistance.