Magento and WordPress Specialised Hosting Solutions

Host Geek can assist you in deciding which solution is best for your needs. We have a wealth of experience in setting up websites, as well as working within our customer’s requirements.

CMS or Blogs

Host Geek offers a range of platforms to build your website – all with their own strengths. Whether it’s WordPress’ beginner-friendly nature or Magento’s customisation capabilities, Host Geek has you covered.


For all online buying and selling, eCommerce is your digital store. Whether you’re selling direct to the customer or to other businesses, Host Geek’s eCommerce products are just what you need.

Choose A Specialised Hosting Plan

Magento Hosting


Magento optimised servers

Free domain and SSL

Magento software updates

Magento extension updates

WordPress Hosting


WordPress optimised servers

Free domain on selected plans

WordPress software updates

WordPress plugin updates

Where are your servers based?

We offer high performance servers based in Singapore. Our Virtual Infrastructure and network is built from the ground up to provide the highest quality, reliable business services for our customers. If you’d like to find out more about our data center please visit our Infrastructure page.

Why Should I Choose Specialised Hosting?

There are some major benefits to choosing a specialised hosting plan. From our experience, small businesses are too busy running their business to spend time updating their website software and dealing with plugin updates. We take care of all this so you don’t have to.

Do you guarantee your hosting services

We are extremely proud of the hosting services we provide and have built a large number of clients through providing excellent support and rock solid hosting solutions. In saying that, if you aren’t happy with anything we offer, simply contact support within 30 days of opening your hosting account and we’ll refund your money.