our infrastructure: singapore data centre

Our virtual infrastructure and networks are built from the ground up to provide the highest quality, reliable business services for our customers.

Data Centre Singapore

Our network leverages Cisco routers and switches for total dependency and performance, and features a redundant design to provide capacity in case of a failure in any part of our network.

Our Virtual Infrastructure operates on enterprise grade Intel servers, with dual Quad and Hex core processors.

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Technical Details About Our Data Centre

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Power Specifications
• Minimum N+1 Redundancy on Power Supply
• 2 x UPS Systems (N+1)
• Dedicated Supply Authority sub-station on site, 3200 Amps
• 2 x 800KVA UPS + Proposed 2 x 600KVA Dual Cord N+1 configuration
• 3 x Generators onsite (N+1 configuration, Utilised on Demand)
• 4 x STS supporting 4 x UPS systems and 3 x Independent Mechanical Switchboards + 14 Essential Power Distribution Units
• UPS auto switch/dual cord, automatically switched in upon power loss
• Redundant/dual power is provided to each rack
• Dual Distribution Boards configured with ISO-Bar Technology.

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Fire Detection and Suppression
• 2x VESDA sensor systems and 40x Smoke Detectors
• 2 hour fire rating supported by 2hr fire rated doors in DC
• VESDA Fire Detection, under floor, ceiling and Return air
• Multiple SFIP with Mimic configuration fire suppression system

Data Centre Security
• Access Control via Proximity Cards & Biometrics
• Secure Locked Racks
• CCTV Camera Monitoring
• 24×7 Security Monitoring & Patrolling

Controlled Environment
• Minimum N+1 Redundancy for Air Conditioning
• 3 x Chiller Cooling System (N+1) 14 x 150KWs airconditioning units, supported by 3 x Cooling Towers
• Temperatures Maintained at 22ºC (+/- 2ºC)
• Humidity Maintained at 50% (+/- 10%)
• Environmental Monitoring.

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