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Everybody needs a hobby to live up to their creativity to turn off and forget about everyday problems. But why not make money with our favorite pastime? In my compilation below, I present hobbies that can easily complete your salary or even become a business.

1. Handicraft

If you are good at hand, you love sewing, knitting, embroidering, carving, painting, ceramics, etc., you can sell your finished works. You can sell your products at fairs or even online (on your own website) as there is a growing demand for unique handmade items today. If you have a unique style, you can easily stand out from competing craftsmen.


2. Blogging

Is there a topic you are an expert on? Do you like to write or video? If you are persistent enough and able to address your readers with your unique voice, you have a case. Blogging is not the fastest way to make money, but it is profitable in the long run. If you build a fairly large tracking base, YouTube pays an advertising commission and companies can search for their product.


3. Photography

Are you cleverly photographing and would you like to exchange this knowledge for money? If you have a good sense of setup and snapshots, you can take wedding photography. You should first try it out in your social circle, and then sell it to others a well-selected reference material with a good website. With a wedding photo, you can earn a lot of money in one day, as well as fashion photography, maternity photography, and portrait photography.

If you are interested in nature photography, you can sell your successful photos to newspapers or online image collection sites (eg iStock, Shutterstock).

4. Baking, cooking

Do you love to bake and cook, and would you like to share it with others? Start a blog or start your own business. Many people today do not have the time or the pleasure to cook, and they are happy to have dinner for them. You can undertake at home to cook dinner; the customer just has to choose the menu from your repertoire. Since this service is not yet widespread, you can set a higher price for your work.

If you are interested in confectionery, you can make unique birthday and wedding cakes. For a beautiful wedding cake, even a large amount of money is requested in a confectionery. Cake-making and decoration are already taught in several courses, and the cost of the training is already refunded by selling a cake.

5. Gardening

Do you like flowers and gardening? Many do not have time to keep order, to weed out their garden, to sprinkle, to transplant their flowers, and to be happy to pay for your hard work, that after tiring work, they can relax between beautiful flowers.


6. Fashion

Are you interested in the latest trends? Do you have a good sense of style? Would you like to share your experiences with others? Start a fashion blog and provide readers with useful content. Quality content attracts visitors so you can place ads on your site; in addition, fashion companies or women’s magazines can also notice you.

7. Training

Are you in motion and are you just in the gym all day? Take a training course and live for your hobby. Today, you can get the coaching exam for almost every form of movement so you no longer have to choose between sports and work.

8. Animals

Do you spend all your free time with animals? Can’t you keep your own animal? Do you have enough spare time besides your pets? Take a dog walk to your neighbors, or friends, or in exchange for a smaller amount, take care of your friends’ favorites when they leave. Maybe take a dog training course and start a dog school.

9. DIY

Although the furniture factories produce cheap and durable pieces on a conveyor belt, there are some who are looking for unique masterpieces. If you or your partner are obsessed with trying to do that, you might want to consider requesting your business card, because with the pleasure of relaxation and creation, a small income can hit your grip.

music hobby

10. Music

If you play a musical instrument and know the world of musical notes, you may be familiar with the techniques of sound-making, and introduce others to the mysteries of art! Initially, you can take home pupils and then rent a studio.

11. Antiques

Do you like the flea market, the secondhand shop and the drop-off event? Don’t you move from your favorite kinds of stuff in the apartment? Then go into the business and sell it more expensive than you bought for pennies! Internet auction sites offer an excellent opportunity to do so. Always take a photo of the product and be honest about the minor damages so your customers will be satisfied!

12. Tidying or cleaning

If you like tidying up or you love cleanliness, then this money-making opportunity has been created for you. You can register yourself online or through apps. It takes a short time and you can start to scrub the apartments brightly.

13. Sewing, knitting, crocheting

If you learn how to knock a button on a shirt, or what technique you can use to repair a worn pant, then you can sell those skills. If you feel talented, you can even sew unique clothes for more money!

14. Do casual work from your home

You can provide any service on freelancer pages. Register on the website, upload what job you can do and wait for the enquiring participants. On this page, you can really sell all the services, whether logo design, translation, etc.

15. Babysitting

If you love children and have some free time, then this type of work is definitely for you. You can register yourself for online websites, but you can also find an agency.

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