Tasks that fall under our website maintenance solutions


Here are a few of the tasks that we can help you with:
  Backup your site
  Check Google indexing
  Check page size and load time
  Clean up malware
  Clean up spam
  Configure a plugin
  Create a child theme
  Create backups
  Fix your white screen of death
  Fix issues after a WordPress core update
  Help with templates
  Improve your site security
  Improve your site speed
  Install a caching plugin
  Install a comment system
  Install a plugin
  Install a favicon
  Make changes to the header, sidebar, and other sections of the site
  Optimise images
  Prevent spam
  Recommend a plugin
  Recover a hacked site
  Setup redirects
  Solve alignment issues
  Tweak your CSS
  Update a plugin
  Update your theme
  Upgrade WordPress core
Here are some of the tasks that are outside of our website maintenance solutions:
  Add custom functionality to a plugin
  Add individual products for WooCommerce
  Boost page ranks
  Build a new site
  Building site backlinks
  Configure DNS
  Configure SSL
  Configure a new theme
  Create a Google Plus business listing
  Create a plugin
  Create images
  Create page templates in LeadPages
  Fix WooCommerce extension bugs and conflicts
  Increasing site traffic
  Make your site mobile responsive
  Multisite support
  Paid marketing
  Payment gateway configuration
  Phone support
  Recommend a theme
  Remove theme customisations
  Research previous theme customisations
  Resolve WooCommerce conflict with theme
  Set up email accounts
  Set up a new theme
  Set up a theme for specific pages
  Site migration between hosts
  Sites containing explicit contents
  Sites hosted by WordPress.com or using Rainmaker Platform
  Staging sites require a separate subscription (unless via WPEngine)
  Transfer a non-WP site to WordPress
  Update a highly customised theme
  Update customised WooCommerce
  VA tasks (creating, updating and posting content)

If you don’t see your tasks listed here, chat live with us below to ask if we can help you with your problem.