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As of 1 April 2017, getting your business online doesn’t have to be expensive. With Host Geek’s Startup Programme, all newly registered Singapore business owners will have more money in their pockets as they establish their business in the online space. Host Geek aims to assist new business owners with their startup strategy by sharing the costs of their chosen Host Geek services for their first-year after signing up.

We support the SME Domain Name Reservation initiative

The SME (Small and Medium Enterprises) Domain Name Reservation initiative was introduced by Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA), in collaboration with SGNIC, and the Accounting & Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA). Its main aim is to spur new Singapore businesses to develop an online presence by enabling startups to reserve their preferred domain name when registering their business entity electronically with ACRA’s BizFile. This makes it easier for new startups to reserve a “” or “.sg” domain name right from the get-go. Activation of the reserved domain name must be done within 90 days from the reservation. Through this initiative, SMEs will also be able to save up to S$30 for the first-year registration of their first domain name.

More information about the SME Domain Name Reservation initiative can be found on SGNIC’s website here.

So, what do new business owners get from the Startup Programme?

Upon acceptance into the Startup Programme, new business owners will receive 50% off their first-year costs for all Host Geek services signed up and billed in the first invoice, except for the cost of their domain name registration and domain name activation for reserved domain names.

To be eligible, you will need to:

  • Have your new company registered within the last 6 months with ACRA.
  • Have not claimed a “” or “.sg” domain in the name of my company with any registrars
  • Have decided on or reserved (through ACRA’s BizFile) your preferred “” or “.sg” domain name to register through Host Geek. The program allows registration of “”, “” and “” domain names however they are not a part of the SME Domain Name Reservation initiative.
  • Sign up for any Host Geek services (including web and email hosting) for a minimum of one year.
  • Have one of the company owner’s NRIC for verification with ACRA – if you have a domain name reserved through ACRA’s BizFile.
  • Cover the activation cost ($15) of your reserved domain name – if you have a domain name reserved through ACRA’s BizFile.
  • Cover the cost of non-reserved domain name registrations you may decide to register.

Host Geek’s Startup Programme is only for newly registered companies signing up for our services for a minimum of one year. Domain name registrations are not included. A fee of $15 is payable for the activation of the reserved domain name through the SME Domain Name Reservation initiative. The program’s offer applies to the first invoice only.

How to apply?

New business owners in Singapore have to apply for the Startup programme by filling in an online form here.

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