Oh YES, there sure is! Just like all types of marketing, there is a strategy for Content Marketing.

In this blog, we will cover the following points:

  • What is Content Marketing strategy
  • Major types of Content Marketing strategy
  • Why you need a Content Marketing strategy
  • How to create a Content Marketing strategy
  • Things to consider when developing Content Marketing strategy

What is Content Marketing strategy?

Content Marketing strategy is the administration of practically any unmistakable media that you make and claim: Visual, written, downloadable, etc. It is the bit of your marketing plan that exhibits your brand identity and the aptitude you want to convey to your industry.

Everyone knows that it is vital to place a good amount of focus on Content Marketing to seek the best growth for their business. You need to create a well-planned purpose. Before creating a Content Marketing strategy for your business, you need to understand some major things and the types of Content Marketing areas you want to go into.

Major types of Content Marketing

Blogging/Visitor blogging (Guest blogging)

Blogging relevant and applicable articles about your industry make your customers trust you and fortify your image. At the point when industry specialists do visitor blogging, it keeps their clients returning and furthermore widens the group of audience. Doing visitor blogging once in a few days or even up to seven days is profoundly basic for the Content Marketer.


An infographic can be an exceptionally helpful content for the “visual learners” (people who understands visuals over written words) and performs especially well on extensive visual stages like Pinterest. An infographic displays the intricate thought in a simple way so the learners comprehend and understand easily. This is an awesome method to put your message across for the visually-minded people.


We are all familiar with webinars. Be that as it may, webinar availability ended because of the change in technology – the emergence of newer, cheaper and more engaging platforms.  These days, we have FaceTime, Skype, Google Hangouts that make it much easier to offer live tutorials, dialogues, and discussions all from the comfort of your own home or office.


Podcasts have turned out to be exceptionally mainstream nowadays as individuals can tune in to quality content at work, at home, while voyaging, or working out at the gym. In the event that you consider making a regular digital broadcast as a feature of your Content Marketing strategy, you should give a story-driven and convincing reason that will make immense enthusiasm inside your group of audience.

White Papers

You can use this to present your skills in any area of your choice. Always make sure that your logo and report layout are visible. This will help to build credibility and solve your customer pain points and shows a high level of professionalism.


Videos are a standout amongst the most mainstream content marketing strategies today. It is more engaging and appealing than a straightforward content and you can demonstrate your content to your customers without much of a stretch. Nonetheless, when your video gets old, you should make it a point to replace with a more current and up-to-date one. You can put your videos on different platforms like your blog, social media, YouTube, or your website.

Why do you need a Content Marketing strategy?

  1. It’s less tangible than search engine marketing
  2. It’s connected with many other marketing goals
  3. Content created can be used in numerous ways

How to create a Content Marketing strategy

  1. Determine objectives for Content Marketing
  2. What’s that thing that makes you unique
  3. Measure your content marketing
  4. Define your audiences
  5. Research audience needs
  6. Create a content execution plan
  7. Create a content amplification plan

Things to consider when developing Content Marketing strategy

  1. Whom you’re creating content for
  2. What are the things it will help the audience solve
  3. What makes you unique
  4. The content formats you’ll focus on
  5. The channels where it’ll be published
  6. How you’ll manage creation and publication

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