Invisible Google reCAPTCHA

The invisible Google reCAPTCHA security checker is so smart that you no longer need to solve the “I’m not robot” puzzles. It simply tells you whether you really use the website for a real person. Let’s look at digital entrepreneurship how it can help your web presence.

Would you be a robot too?

You’ve certainly used a website you’ve met with security CAPTCHA checks. Initially, you had to type “the characters on the picture” in a text box.

Google has tried to simplify this, but it has been very complex. There was a lot of annoyance for the users of the continuous puzzling to select the images on which rivers or pizzas were present. Many failed during the tests, so they didn’t get to the actual function.

Then, by 2014, the giant company rebuilt the reCAPTCHA, which, instead of puzzles, used a simpler checkbox to control human presence. In the background, Google analysed the various aspects of the behavior of visitors and decided on that basis. But even with this function, it was possible to run into the puzzler squares, if the algorithm detected something suspicious. Thus, in some cases, the situation remained almost the same as before the reCAPTCHA.

Google problem

Problem with reCAPTCHA

Since the presence of hackers and spammers is still a cause of concern for website operators, the giant company has simplified it. It has set up a new algorithm: Advanced Risk Analysis Engine. This development has been so successful that you don’t have to have a checkbox as it is based on the actual activity on the site. Such can be the use of button presses and links; you can even refer to JavaScript API events.

Goodbye CAPTCHA!

This results in most people not even perceiving security checks, as the process is taking place in the background. Here, the puzzle is still in control, but it will only appear in cases where it detects suspiciously suspicious behavior while browsing the code. It will be difficult to bring up while browsing.

This innovation can also affect your digital business, as many plugins use the “safest” human presence checker, Google reCAPTCHA. Using it can help you make your website more efficient and faster.

Think about it: the online buyer has stuffed the basket. It is pleasing to find so much in your webshop. Yeah, but this is where the control comes, which can cause stress if you can’t solve the puzzle first.

In the future, it is almost unthinkable for a webshop to have a puzzle. Because there are many action clicks during the purchase, there is no need for the security feature to further check the human presence.

Try it today!

You can also register your website or web store at Google, making your online presence even more secure. Think about it! Your visitors will also be more comfortable doing a real purchase than at a competitor: “type in characters” for a lead word.
When you apply for a web application, you only need to enter the domain name and control method you use.

Preparing of reCAPTCHA

First, we need an API key. To access this page, you need to sign in to a Google Account. It will ask you to register your website so to give it a proper name and then enter the list of domains where it will be used with reCAPTCHA. Subdomains are automatically counted in your account.

Step 2
If you’re ready, you’ll get a page key and a partner secret key.

Step 3
Under the keys, you will see some code snippets to paste reCAPTCHA into your website. First, there is JavaScript.
You can also specify which of the 40 supported languages you use to add a parameter to the string.
Place this script tag in the footer of your page (or under the form where reCAPTCHA will appear, depending on how you ranked your load).

Step 4
Next, enter the placeholder you need to add to your form code where you’d like the reCAPTCHA to appear.

The reCAPTCHA becomes invisible?

Google further simplifies the service of reCAPTCHA: the solution for filtering online robots becomes completely invisible to users, so they will not need any clicks to make sure that the actual web site has arrived. With this, various online services offer a seamless, uninterrupted user experience without sacrificing automated click or other malicious bots.
With this solution, Google continues to promise “top-of-the-line” protection against spam and harassment by website operators with ease of use. Unfortunately, the company does not detail the operation of the invisible reCAPTCHA, just knowing that “machine learning and sophisticated risk analysis” filter out threats – the company’s tightness is, of course, achievable; with protection lines.

In any case, it is certain that the search engine has now gained an impressive amount of experience in filtering malicious robots. In 2009, the company bought reCAPTCHA, which has become the world’s most popular CAPTCHA service, with hundreds of millions of users passing through it every day. The known acronym is also an abbreviation for “Completely Automated Public Turing Test for Computers and Humans Apart”.

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