Today, many people have their blogs or websites published online, for both their professional and personal needs. Most companies as well have either already moved to online portals to run their business, or are in the process of getting there. Once in a blue moon, you will find a business which does not have their own online business website. A business website is crucial to create an online presence and position and brand your products and services. Sincerely, it is difficult to run a successful business these days without a genuine and successful website.

Every day, thousands of new blogs and websites are designed and published and the world wide web is expanding by the second. However, the main question for these businesses or individuals often becomes – what platform to choose for a successful website? It is a tough choice for a beginner as there is an overabundance of web hosting platforms that offer necessary and viable features and resources on their platforms for the user to choose and use on the new website. Anyone who is looking to create a blog or website for himself/herself or for his/her business will be confused with all the varied features and options available online.

Let me tell you clearly that the best platform to build your blog or website on is Host Geek always suggests WordPress blog or website to all our clients. WordPress is undoubtedly the front-runner with over 25% of all hosted websites worldwide using this platform. If you visit a blog today and you like the design, content, and everything about it, chances are that that is a WordPress blog. We also provide cheap WordPress website hosting.

A lot of good reasons place as the most sought-after platform for building a website in Singapore. Here are the top 4 very strong reasons to choose

WordPress is free and completely customisable

Designing your website on is free and does not cost you anything. But you need to invest on a WordPress website hosting first, and probably on the theme and plugins that will give your website the functionality that you have always wanted; but those can be dealt with later on. You can still build your website for free on WordPress without the premium plugins and themes.

We provide cheap web hosting services. And when you start a WordPress website, you can directly install free WordPress CMS with a click of a button and start designing your blog or website right away. Gradually, you can install themes and add plugins based on your necessity. There are thousands of free and paid WordPress themes and plugins available in the market. If you are doing this, plan out what you want to do and how you would like your website to look before you start making changes. With WordPress being free and completely customisable, it’s no wonder why most businesses take advantage of this fantastic platform.

Intellectual property is completely yours

When you use platform everything belongs to you. You don’t worry about being locked into the platform and never being able to move from one hosting provider to another. The theme template is yours to modify the way you want. The content is yours to alter whenever you want. Ideally, all companies and businesses should have a WordPress blog for this very reason because here, the intellectual property is completely owned by you.

No coding needed

There is no need to be a master of coding or computer programming to work on Most of the features are just drag and drop options and you do not need to touch the code module at all. If you are using paid WordPress blog hosting and those premium themes and plugins, the developers would take care of most issues for you too. Just leave it to them and relax.

WordPress is easy to use

WordPress is very easy to use. If you know how to use a computer and browse the Internet on it, you can work on without any hassle. The entire concept is very instinctive and very easy. This is the reason that even kids can create their WordPress blog very quickly and become masters very quickly. Whether it is a matter of installing a theme, adding a new page to your WordPress blog, creating a new post or adding any new plugin, and even creating an eStore on your eCommerce site, everything is very easy to do on a WordPress blog or website.

Now you know the top 4 reasons why businesses and individuals choose to have a WordPress blog or website over other platforms. Sincerely, there are many more factors which make WordPress the website platform of choice to many. If you are still stuck with another platform, I must urge to you, that “please, for goodness’ sake, move to WordPress!”

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