As one starts thinking about a website for business, he will need to decide on a few things, like the website platform, content management system (CMS), and website hosting to start with. Among these, web hosting is the most important and tricky item to zero down on.

With as the platform and CMS of choice, you will now need to find what the best hosting is for your new website. Host Geek provides web hosting services including cheap VPS hosting in Singapore. In this article, the Geeks would like to talk about the various types of web hosting available for you to choose from for your requirements. You would be able to take the best decision for your business and understand why the Geeks recommend VPS hosting.

So, let’s proceed to find out how you can grow your business with VPS hosting in Singapore.

Largely, there three kinds of web hosting available; namely, shared hosting, dedicated hosting and Virtual Private Server or VPS hosting. It can be highly confusing and it takes a lot of brainstorming to decide on which one of these to choose for your business. Which of these will be right for you? Which VPS hosting in Singapore should you choose? Let’s first learn the various types here.

Shared hosting

What is shared hosting? It is like more living in an apartment, where you share the amenities or resources available to all the residents, like the common swimming pool, jogging track or the lifts. The accounts of all the clients will be sharing the available resources, features, and properties with each other on that specific server, where your website will be hosted along with all others’. This is what is precisely called shared hosting. The features that are generally shared in such a setup is the disk space, processing time and total installed memory. All these are nothing but the specifications of the server on which your website will be hosted on, along with the others. Hence, this is the cheapest kind of hosting available in the market.

Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting

Virtual Private Server or VPS hosting is like staying in your own individual house but inside a shared campus. While you yourself take care of all your amenities, you still share the resources that are common to all the owners staying in the same property. In a VPS setup there are few resources that are your own and are not shared by any other client. The other resources that are shared are shared based on the need or request and on a prior booking system. The CPU time and installed memory of the server are shared by all client accounts, but parts of these are also provided dedicatedly to various accounts based on their requirements and in time requests. This is the difference between VPS hosting and a traditional shared hosting. Depending on clients’ requirements, VPS hosting can be moderately priced. Host Geek provides cheap VPS hosting in Singapore.

Dedicated hosting

Let’s now talk about the third type of hosting available in the market – Dedicated hosting. In dedicated hosting, you own the server completely. It is more like building a house on your owned land. Whatever resources are available on the server are not shared and hence, they are all yours. No other accounts will share the resources. The entire server belongs to you and your website alone. This is, however, the costliest type of hosting when you compare with shared and VPS hosting.


So, now that you know the various types, you can say that there are 3 main reasons because of which the Geeks recommend VPS hosting to all clients in Singapore. These are:

  1. VPS is affordable, like shared hosting and gives access to dedicated resources too like dedicated hosting. So, you get the best of both the worlds.
  2. The Virtual Private Server (VPS) is highly customisable and you can also have your preferred operating system on that which is not available in shared hosting.
  3. You, as the owner of some resources, have better control on the server. You can install your own applications and restart the server whenever you want to, without affecting other clients. This is a HUGE advantage of having VPS hosting over traditional shared hosting.

In this article I have provided all the information that you would need to choose the best hosting for your new website. Host Geek recommends cheap VPS hosting. We know that we have the best service to accompany our VPS hosting in Singapore. Now, the ball is in your court to choose the best one for your new website. Which one will you choose? Do let us know in your comments.

If you require further clarification and guidance on growing your business with VPS hosting, please feel free to contact the Geeks.

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