If you are a freelancer working online and looking to make good money in 2018, this post is for you. Are you looking to impress audiences and get more jobs, but cannot decide which field to get into? If you are, then web development is one of the best sources of income for a freelancer like you.

If you are a freelance website developer, you can earn quite a lot and lead a comfortable life as an online entrepreneur. There are positives for a full-time freelancer. She can enjoy a better work-life balance than the traditional office-goers and this virtue tops the list. You can be your own boss and choose the working hours for yourself. You, as a freelancer, can decide on your own rate at which you would work. Better still, you can choose whom to work with and whom to not work with. There are a lot of recompenses of being a freelancer. And as a freelance web developer in Singapore, you can enjoy a life of your dreams.

Next question! How easy is it to become a freelance web developer in 2018? Well, this is what I am going to talk about today in this post, starting with a question.

Do you have the skills?

If you are selling your skills online then there could be two possibilities – either you sell a skill that you already possess or you try to learn a skill and then try selling it.

If you have knowledge of website development and you know web programming, then you are already ready to dive in and start your online freelance business. But if you have only a little bit of knowledge about website design, website development, and/or programming, then you will have to hire someone else to do it for you. The other option is to first learn the skills of the trade and then squeeze your way into the race and keep running.

Never be upset if you fall in the latter group. We all have started from zero at some point in time and have reached where we are today, haven’t’ we? If you put in the correct efforts, you can become a successful freelance website developer in no time and make your mark prominent. If you are looking for an opportunity to practice or develop a new skill, learn to build WordPress.org websites. WordPress is a global standard and is completely free. WordPress is also highly flexible and easy to use!

Keep yourself updated

If you fall in the first category of web developers, those who already know website design and development, you are ready. When you start as a freelance web designer, you need be updated on the latest tools and techniques that are used by the other website developers in the market at present. You need to learn new skills and tools.

Learn new techniques

You may also learn a new programming language, to start with. You may probably work on a new platform and do some research on that. These practices will keep you involved and will keep you away from the traditional mundane life of a freelance web designer too.

Choose a niche and build your brand

When you start as a freelance web designer, you may want to work on all kinds of websites that come your way. But wait! Do you really want to do that? No! Please try to define your niche or domain and become a specialised web developer in that particular domain.

Get reseller hosting with a web hosting provider

As clients start to come to you, you might like to be a one-stop-shop for them. Apart from designing and developing their websites, you can host it for them through a partnership with a web hosting provider. Research about the reseller hosting solutions available in Singapore. With reseller hosting in Singapore, you will be able to host your clients’ websites for them. You may have to provide basic top-level hosting support to your clients, and more comprehensive support can be escalated to your reseller hosting provider too.

With reseller hosting, you will see another income stream too, as it is another service that you can add to your portfolio of a website developer. Additionally, your clients will thank you for saving them the time and trouble of looking for a separate hosting provider for their WordPress.org websites.

Let me give you an example. Some web developers in Singapore build only eCommerce sites. Some build websites for only small and medium business. Others have their own niche of products and they work only in that. Though it might look like that you are giving up on a lot of opportunities that are coming your way at the beginning, it will actually be beneficial to your business finally. When you build a lot of websites from the same niche, you will become an expert in the niche and with that experience, you will also get fame in the market. You will be known among your clients for that particular type of work you are specialised in. In due time, you can become famous and that niche will be attached to all your success. Please remember that word of mouth is the fastest way to grow for a freelancer.

I am sure that these guide points will make your life easier as a web developer in 2018. Please feel free to get in touch and the Geeks will be happy to assist you. Host Geek wishes you all the best for your career as a freelance web designer.

NOTE: If you still decide that you would still like to have other people build websites for you – Host Geek is always here to do that for you. Just get in touch.

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