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Reseller hosting is a trend in the digital business world that you cannot afford to ignore. Just like in other businesses, technology has influenced the web design, creative and graphic design industry. If you are a startup, you need to research extensively on the available web hosting services. While there are endless options, not every hosting service fits your agency goals. As a graphic designer or web designer or developer, your business is about creating impressions on paper or screen, and web hosting is a crucial service in that regard.

Reseller hosting saves you the trouble of dealing with one company that might have its inconveniences that will affect your business. Reseller hosting targets at offering flexible and affordable services. Flexibility is also crucial when running an eCommerce website; this can only be available in reseller hosting services.

Web Design Agencies

Web Design, Creative and Graphic Design Agencies

If you own a web design agency or a creative and graphic design agency, your clients might require you to offer more than creative solutions. Some might not have a website, to begin with; after the design stage, hosting becomes a crucial factor. This is why you should consider reseller hosting. All you have to do in this case is to determine the space and bandwidth your customers need and offer specific packages based on their interests.

However, venturing in reseller hosting is not that simple; you need to understand some facts about web hosting. You need to familiarise with the fundamentals of web hosting and the challenges involved before you extend the services. Remember, you are acting like a middle man; you represent the hosting company, and you should be able to handle all concerns from customers to do with space and speeds. Also, you need to be familiar with different packages and classifications that can suit different kind of clients based on their graphical content and preferences.

Reseller Hosting


In reseller hosting, you can play multiple roles depending on the kind of clients or your target audience.

You can act as an agent for the hosting company where you plan a bulk plan directly from a web hosting company and distribute it to different clients in smaller portions. You are responsible for all manner of advertising and pricing of the plans. In this case, you earn from commissions out of each sale. The commission rate is dependent on your relationship with the hosting company. Some have specific crates while you can negotiate with some companies depending on your bulk and frequency of purchase. It is like any other brokerage business. While working as a distributor, you have to provide support to customers. You act as a full web hosting company and customers only deal with you.

The second option is to advertise on behalf of the company. The primary role, in this case, is marketing. The relationship with the buyer ends at purchase. After a customer pays for a plan, they are redirected to the web hosting company for full support. All you have to do is market, close sales, and link the client to the web hosting company.


As a hosting reseller, you are responsible for providing clients with administrative support and benefit from their monthly subscriptions. You earn from each client that subscribes to your hosting service.

reseller hosting benefits

Here is why you should consider reseller hosting:

1. One-stop shop

Working as a web designer or creative and graphic designer exposes you to other aspects of the digital world. You have likely dealt with clients that need hosting service that you have to refer to a credible web hosting company. With reseller hosting, you can offer such clients quick solutions. After offering your creative skills such as graphic design, you can offer them hosting administration rights. Clients don’t have to shop elsewhere because you have it all under one roof.

2. Profits

Of course, there are cost benefits from offering hosting services. Whether you decide to do it full time and offer support or only market and earn from commissions, it is a plus on your revenue. The essence of any business is making profits, and even if this is your only drive to reseller hosting, it is justified. You will have to agree with a reseller company on the rates whenever a client buys a plan. This does not mean you shift from your graphic design business, the creative agency remains, but you extend services.

3. Customise services

Reseller hosting gives you an opportunity to customise your custom plans and bandwidth based on your business needs and client preferences. You can take time to make your hosting plans from the huge plan you purchase from the web hosting company. While the modifications can be for your convenience, you should focus on client needs. Instead of only designing graphics of your client websites, you can manage their domains and email services through the hosting plans. All these administration services should be part of your business meaning you earn from the same.

4. Hosting brand

With time, you might consider venturing in hosting fully. Reseller hosting exposes to a new world of business. The reseller bundles can be customised with your brand to make it a new venture for your web design, creative and graphic design agency. It is also a chance to rebrand your business as you make sales.

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